Wealth Planning

Family Strategy

With a detailed knowledge of our clients’ assets and interests, N1G help design sound strategies that are aligned with the family’s values and protect their wealth.

Continuity of the Company

Drawing on our extensive corporate experience, N1G provide thorough business continuity planning that considers and mitigates against the potential impact of all risks and threats to the company’s operations.

Succession Planning

Recognising that stability is key to a successful business, N1G assist our clients with identifying the right leadership to take over the helm of the family business.

Estate Planning

    • Prenuptial Agreements & Last Wills

N1G help clients plan ahead for the less pleasant life moments since this is the key to minimising disruption and conflict as well as ensuring minimal financial liability – especially for families and individuals who live and operate in multiple jurisdictions.

    • Life Insurance

An advantageous life insurance policy provides financial stability for family members and other beneficiaries beyond the inventory of estate. N1G help our clients navigate this often complex field of insurance to give each family the solution that suits them best.

    • Gifts During Lifetime

From helping one’s grandchildren enter the property ladder to minimising Estate Duty, Gifts During Lifetime are given for many reasons. N1G advise our clients on minimising the legal and technical challenges involved.

Wealth Management

Investment Strategy & Asset Allocation

With a passion for and deep knowledge of stock markets, N1G are well-poised to develop our clients’ investment strategies in close co-operation with them to allocate assets  in line with their profit objectives.

Private Equity

Through years of corporate and financial experience, N1G help clients manage their investment capital on the Private Equity scene to ensure optimal return on investment

Consolidated Reporting

With multiple physical and liquid assets, financial statements may be difficult to navigate in separation. N1G have the resources and expertise needed to provide clients with thorough and comprehensive consolidated reporting.

Investment Advice

Monitoring multiple clients’ stocks and investment capital, N1G are able to provide insightful advice on the best strategy for you and your family’s capital.



N1G is a bespoke private investment company identifying investment opportunities around mainland Europe & Australasia acquiring high quality assets with excellent capital growth and income stream.





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