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Situated on the crossroads between Belgium, France and Germany, Luxembourg has maintained its independence throughout the centuries – being closely connected with its neighbours while still preserving its unique characteristics.

With a population of 602,000 that, in addition to Luxembourgish, speaks both French and German and its competitive tax regime, Luxembourg is the preferred base for many international companies’ European headquarters who draw on local talent to reach several of the continent’s markets.

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On the sunny French Riviera, Monaco has been ruled by the princely House of Grimaldi since 1297. Within 20 kilometres from both Nice and the Italian border, Monaco is the home to both the stunning vieille ville (old town) and one of Europe’s first casinos.

The principality’s strategic location, competitive corporation and income tax arrangements (applicable to non-French and non-US citizens) makes it an ideal base for high wealth individuals who value the Mediterranean lifestyle and its business opportunities.

N1G has a steady presence in Monaco and would be happy to discuss your personal and business needs in more detail. For more information, please contact us.



​With highlights such as Westminster Abbey representing history, and the commercial City of London representing business, Britain’s capital offers a unique mix of history and innovation that has been at the heart of the country’s position as a leader of free trade and transformation throughout the times.

London attracts a global workforce to the many international firms based and headquartered here. High wealth individuals are also drawn to the city’s unique property market, which offers everything from Georgian townhouses to modern multi-storey accommodation.

N1G has a vast network of professionals and advisors in London. For more information on how we can be of assistance, please contact us.


In the English Channel, just off the coast of Normandy, Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands. With its stunning beach walks and valleys and easy access from mainland Britain and France, Jersey has been a sought-after tourist destination for decades.

Through favourable constitutional arrangements with the United Kingdom, the island is further able to make its own laws and offer attractive tax rates to businesses and individuals who operate from Jersey.

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In the centre of Europe, home to the majestic Alps and several stunning rivers and lakes, Switzerland is also a synonym for financial services and business with the country’s banks in particular attracting high wealth individuals and capital for centuries.

This is especially true of Geneva, the base of N1G’s operations in Switzerland. Being the largest French-speaking city in the country, Geneva has a vibrant financial centre and is the seat of several international non-governmental organisations – giving the city a global character unique for the Alpine region.

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​One of the most prominent players on the field of European history and with ancient traditions of setting the path in science and research, France remains one of the leading economies on the continent and in the world.

With several multinational firms headquartered in Paris and the provinces and attractive property opportunities available across the country, France offers ample possibilities for investment and living.

Based in Southern France, N1G offers advice to families and individuals across the country. Please contact us for more information.



With its easily identified opera house and breath-taking views from Sydney Tower, Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities and host of several international sporting events as well as the Australian Stock Exchange.

As the foremost financial hub in the Asia-Pacific region and the manufacturing centre of Australia, Sydney is a truly global city with unparalleled opportunities for businesses and individuals who wish to be active in the region.

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N1G is a bespoke private investment company identifying investment opportunities around mainland Europe & Australasia acquiring high quality assets with excellent capital growth and income stream.





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