Trust & Corporate Services

Corporate Incorporation

Protecting a business owner against losses, as well as ensuring a lower tax rate and enabling the owner to sell stock, incorporation brings many advantages. N1G are well-poised to assist our clients throughout the process.

Aircrafts & Yachts

Whether a means of transport or primarily a hobby, registration, insurance, VAT and other non-technical aspects can easily make the thought of yacht and aircraft ownership daunting. With extensive knowledge and experience of different locations and regulatory frameworks, N1G are able to advise on, set up and manage the optimal ownership structure.

Trust Administration

Trusts preserve our clients’ liquid and physical assets from immediate and long-term challenges. Knowing our clients and their needs well, N1G ensure that the trusts set up by and for them provide maximum efficiency and stability.


With every business and family facing unique challenges, trust structures too need to be customized appropriately. Having extensive trust management and creation experience, N1G are able to provide our clients with bespoke structure solutions.

Real Estate Management

Having managed Real Estate in multiple cities and locations for decades, N1G assist our clients with everything from refurbishments, repairs and security to viewings and contract negotiations for a first-class experience.

Family Shareholding

With the benefits of loyalty ties and a common purpose as well as the very real risk of conflict, family shareholding is by no means straightforward and it is crucial to have an outside advisor who can act in the best interest of the company. N1G are well-poised to fill this role.

Nominee Services

Ranging from confidentiality to legal residency requirements, there are many reasons why clients require intermediaries. With ample corporate expertise, N1G are able to assist with all types of intermediary management.



N1G is a bespoke private investment company identifying investment opportunities around mainland Europe & Australasia acquiring high quality assets with excellent capital growth and income stream.





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